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[First Listing] MEXC, Kickstarter - Donablock (DOBO) Vote for 571,429 DOBO & 30,000 USDT Free Airdrop!



Dear MEXC users,

MEXC is excited to kick off before the launch of another session of Kickstarter, a listing event launched by the project team at MEXC. Here, users can bet on tokens and vote to support their favorite projects.

This event is designed to find high-quality projects and provide airdrop benefits to MEXC users.

The project for this Kickstarter session is Donablock (DOBO).

About Donablock (DOBO):

Dona Box for the Dona Block Foundation is one of the world's most active fundraising platforms, partnering with charities to help you achieve your fundraising goals. Users can support the cause that matters most to them every time they buy or sell a product in the store, and 100% of the amount raised goes to the intended charity.

Total Supply: 2,000,000,000 DOBO

How to participate in Kickstarter

Users can stake MX tokens to participate in voting and receive a free project airdrop. The maximum amount of MX you can commit depends on the MX balance in your in-kind wallet at the time of the snapshot (MEXC generates a random snapshot of your MX reserves during the snapshot period).

The details are as follows:

  1. Enrollment Eligibility: Maintain more than 1,000 MX for more than 30 consecutive days prior to 2024-02-04 01:00 (KST)

  2. Voting Period: 2024-02-04 17:00 ~ 2024-02-05 16:50 (KST)

  3. Trading Time: 2024-02-05 19:00 (KST)

  4. Deposit: Open

  5. Withdrawal: 2024-02-06 19:00 (KST)

  6. Voting link:

  7. Airdrop Info: 571,429 DOBO & 30,000 USDT

  8. Voting tokens: MX

  9. Requirements: 1,000 ≤ MX ≤ 500,000

  10. You can commit based on the maximum number of commits. Successful commits are used for reward calculations only and MX is not frozen.

  11. Prize money: Prizes will be airdrop within 1 hour of the end of the event and will be distributed proportionally based on the result of the user's total vote.

  12. After successfully participating in this event, you can also participate in other Kickstarter and Launchpad events in progress.

  13. The reward allocation is distributed proportionally according to the MX quantity that is valid committed, as shown in the table below.

quantity committed

commit coefficient

1,000 ≤ X < 3,000


3,000 ≤ X < 5,000


5,000 ≤ X < 10,000


10,000 ≤ X < 20,000


20,000 ≤ X < 50,000


50,000 ≤ X < 100,000


100,000 ≤ X < 500,000


Current User's Valid Commited MX Quantity = Commited MX Quantity * Commit Count

To calculate the compensation for user A:

Reward of User A = (MX quantity valid committed by User A / Total valid committed MX quantity of all users) * Total prize pool

The more MX you have, the more airdrop rewards you will receive!

*For more information, visit the "Kickstarter page".


Terms and conditions of use:

  1. Market Maker and project-side accounts are not eligible to participate in the event.

  2. No fee is required to participate in the Kickstarter event.

  3. Users participating in this event must complete the required KYC certification before the end of the event to be eligible for the reward.

  4. MEXC has the final interpretation of this event.

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