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Donate and get up to 3x more! ​

Users can level up in their reputation/fame badges to enhance token rewards. There are a total of 10 fame badges, and each badge’s reputation value increases based on donation amounts, allowing users to upgrade to the next level. To acquire higher-level fame badges, users can combine two different badges. The highest-level fame badge enables users to receive triple the rewards

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Fame & Donation Badge


Support Nonprofits That Protect Our Environment

Children & Youth

Support Nonprofits That Advocate for Children & Youth


Support Nonprofits That Protect, Foster, and Rehabilitate Animals


The highest-level fame badge enables users to receive triple the rewards

Earn tokens through everyday shopping, making it more appealing as tokens act not only as reward points but also as investments. To maximize token rewards, users need to use membership cards and donation badges. Membership cards will ‘level up’ through token holdings and making donations to others, with rewards becoming more personalized. This direct incentive encourages sellers, brands, and users to engage in compassionate and benevolent donation activities for social impact through their transactions. Additionally, our platform offers a lifelong referral program where users can receive 5-10% of total rewards from referred friends.

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