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DOBO members are VIP members of DonaBlock. You will get countless perks when you become a DOBO VIP. To upgrade your membership, you need to hold in DOBO tokens in your Web3 wallet, donation amounts, allowing users to upgrade to the next level. 

Upon successful upgrade, these tokens will be locked in your Web3 wallet, not paid

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Become a Rewards Member

Join now

Open your DonaBlock app, select Rewards in the navigation bar, then select "Join now for free".


Next, you will need to create a new wallet, or connect an existing applicable wallet.


Done! You can now see your new benefits and upgrade instantly to earn increased rewards.


DOBO Member level -
Rewards for purchases

To upgrade a DonaBlock member, users must accumulate the required number of DOBO and these DOBO will be locked. 

When you cancel your DonaBlock membership. The amount of DOBO in your wallet will be unlocked.

A DonaBlock account can only be linked to one Metamask or Trust Wallet address. In case you want to link to another wallet address, please contact the hotline for support.

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