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DonaBlock has partnered with the KOTCA(Korea T-Commerce Association) Signed an MOU

DonaBlock announced that it has signed an MOU with the Korea T-Commerce Association (KOTCA) to promote donations and charity.

The agreement was prepared as part of 'creating an environment where everyday life can become a donation'. In other words, it is an agreement to promote easier and more convenient donations and greater participation in philanthropy in the commerce ecosystem.

As the main contents of this agreement, the Korea T-Commerce Association will △induce ethical consumption using the social influence of T-commerce and cooperate to fulfill the social responsibility of sharing, △promote and cooperate with various events held under the theme of donation and sharing, △cooperate and promote various distribution channels for donations and charity activities, and △provide DonaBox donation API (donation widget) for the Korea T-Commerce Association (hereinafter referred to as the 'partner') to use, △provide partners and volunteers with a link to a widget designed to easily load and sell shopping mall products, and 'create a charity event'.  △ We decided to expand organic connection and participation in NGOs and partners through donations and charity.

DonaBlock a company that pursues social solidarity for sharing, will introduce the world's first 'Shop to Donate' model, in which donations are raised through daily consumption through DonaBox, a donation platform for a sustainable sharing society. In addition, by connecting the donation widget (API) with shopping, the company is expanding the base where donations can become a daily routine.

T-commerce is a digital TV home shopping that combines the advantages of TV home shopping and internet shopping, and the Korea T-commerce Association has five T-commerce operators approved by the government (KT Alpha Shopping, Shopping NT, Shinsegae Live Shopping, SK Stoa, and W Shopping) as members, and is active for the purpose of developing the T-commerce industry.

Seo Jeong-min, CEO of DonaBlock adding, "Just as small dots come together to form a line, and lines come together to form a surface, our donation culture also expects many small hearts to gather and fill in the dark aspects of society." said.

In addition, the two sides plan to jointly promote various business cooperation to revitalize the culture of donation in daily life.

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