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DonaBlock has partnered with the Korea MCN Association (KMCNA) Signed an MOU

Signed an MOU for joint cooperation of charity and donation platforms.

DonaBlock announced that it has signed an MOU with the Korea MCN Association (KMCNA-250 Member Companies) to promote donations and charity.

DonaBlock is a company that pursues social solidarity for sharing as a 'donation platform for a sustainable sharing society', and DonaBlock is the world's first 'Shop to Donate' platform where donations are raised through daily consumption.

The Korea MCN Association is a media platform that promotes the MCN industry, leads the next-generation media, and promotes the digital Hallyu through MCN content by promoting the one-person media industry and supporting creators.

In order to expand the donation and charity participation of member companies and influencers, MCN Korea △promotes and cooperates with member companies and influencers in various events held under the theme of donation and sharing, △supports cooperation and promotion with various SNS channels for donations and charitable activities, △does its best to expand the number of partners such as shopping malls, brands, and NGOs, and △induces ethical consumption by utilizing the social influence of member companies and influencers, and cooperates to fulfill the social responsibility of sharing.

In order to develop and operate the platform for the purpose of donations and charity and to expand partner organizations, DonaBlock △provided DonaBox donation API (donation widget) that can be operated by partners such as MCN companies, influencers, and shopping malls, △supported donation activities and impact funds ('fundraising events') through shopping widgets to partners and volunteers, and △collaborated to expand organic connection and participation through donations and charity to NGOs, domestic and foreign shopping malls, brands, and partners.

Jung Yong-woo, Vice Chairman of the Korea MCN Association, said, "Through this agreement, the social impact of K-contents, which are leading the global Hallyu culture, will spread to the whole world by combining the good influence of donations and charity." said.

And Seo Jung-min, CEO of DonaBlock said, "I hope that influencers and one-person media, who are at the center of global trends, will have an opportunity to lower the psychological barriers to donation through collaboration with DonaBox Service, which aims to establish a culture of donation in daily life." "As the MCN Association encompasses various fields such as education, culture, sports, and the arts, we expect it to satisfy the various donation tastes of donors." said.

In addition to the above-mentioned cooperation, DonaBlock and the Korea MCN Association have agreed to jointly promote cooperation in various projects for donations and charity.


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