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DonaBlock has partnered with the KHPSA(Korea Home shopping Supplies Association) Signed an MOU

DonaBlock and the Korea Home Shopping Suppliers Association (450 member companies), a major player in the distribution of home shopping in Korea, have joined hands to promote donations and charity. A business agreement was signed the two companies to actively cooperate with the Korea Home Shopping Suppliers Association to revitalize the 'Shop to Donate Platform', DonaBlock’s donation and charity platform.

The Korea Home Shopping Product Suppliers Association is an association of core brands in broadcasting and telecommunications distribution that lead not only the home shopping market but also the online market and the new media market based on product planning capabilities that lead the distribution trend in Korea, and is promoting the establishment of a virtuous cycle structure and revitalization of the distribution ecosystem in the overall distribution industry in the era of new commerce.

Meanwhile, DonaBlock provides the 'Shop to Donate Platform', a value platform to create a sustainable sharing society, and introduces a new concept of donation culture in which the environment and opportunities for donations and special donations are provided just by daily consumption activities. In other words, DonaBlock is a company that creates a world where everyday life becomes a donation.

According to the main contents of this agreement, the Korea Home Shopping Product Suppliers Association promoted and cooperated with member companies (brands) and related influencers, supported cooperation and promotion through broadcasting, telecommunications, and new media channels, cooperated with participation in donation widgets (donation APIs) and donation platforms, did its best to expand partners, induced ethical consumption using social influence, and cooperated to fulfill the social responsibility of sharing.

DonaBlock provided DonaBox donation API (donation widget) that can be operated by member companies (brands), influencers, and shopping malls of the Korea Home Shopping Product Suppliers Association, supported donation activities and impact funds through the donation widget, and cooperated to expand organic connection and participation through donations and charity to brands, influencers, shopping malls, and NGOs.

Chairman Lee Jung-jung said, "Now that ESG management and CSR have become important, 'charity marketing' differentiates brands. In other words, it's about delivering value-led growth, which creates a close bond with our customers." "Brand charity and donations are no longer an option. This is an important purchasing competitiveness, and we look forward to seeing it through the DonaBox platform." Said.

And Seo Jung-min, CEO of DonaBlock said, "A home shopping market worth 25 trillion won has been created based on the product planning power of home shopping product suppliers. This means that the variety and competitiveness of products are leading the distribution trend in Korea." "If these core brands participate in the 'world where everyday life becomes donation,' the expansion of the DonaBox donation platform will be accelerated, and the synergy effect will be great as the brand can go global through the DonaBox donation platform." Said.


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